Monday, August 12, 2013

Life flows , Let life flow...

It started with a smile
then a gentle laugh
a touch
Just a kiss....cheesy kiss..
A warm hug from his cold heart...

A long lasting love affair
dreams , day and night long..
Poems ...
Cold cold nights
warm coffee..
scattered tear drops..

Mid night rides ..
cold cold kisses...
sharing one coffee..
10 minutes rule..
Found us in our eyes at last !!!! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Can you remember ?

Can you remember the good old days ?
We sat on this wooden piece of article ,
Thinking about our future,
unborn children and
sweet sweet dreams.......

Can you remember the good old days ?
We shared one packet of rice ,
talking about our palace of love ,
inbuilt concepts of wishes and
sweet sweet secrets.........

Can you remember the good old days ?

We decided to walk separately ,
Planning our future
think about adulthood and
sweet sweet memories.......

Do u know , that I still love you for who you are ,

Same as I love this good old bench ????????

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What are we after all without our memories... without our dreams? ~♥~ Nicholas Sparks ~

What are we after all without our memories... without our dreams? ~♥~ Nicholas Sparks ~

Myself is feeling of those days when the the past hurts more then usual and the present isn't doing me no favors either...but hopes tomorrow will be better.Dreams will take me to where I wanna go .. Memories are killing me . But am matured enough to bare the pain and man enough to stand up . I slept more than half of a day . But am gonna be back on track  from now on. Let life flows .
I may not be the perfect 4 some people but I  m the best for those who deserve me--to him , I mean ... Going after someone  was not my preferred way. But I did it for the sake of my love. When I understood the bond between us was eternal , I continuously loved him. 
if you only knew how hard it was  to love you secretly...I did it . I was not scared to anyone , as I was full in love.
The more silently love is expressed, the more deeply it is bound to impress. :), So  , am gonna be love him forever and after . I do not care may rain or shine. It might be a one sided love . Who cares ? My heart is full of love , only for him and I know this love comes from the bottom of my heart. Let it be there , till I die or even after.
I love everybody. I love him to be with me, with my every breathe. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I'd love to punch in the face.Ha ha h a.. I prefer to stay focused. I prefer to express everything face to face . Its my way. People who understood me , are still with me. 
I don't need to do things I'm not capable of to please others... I am the director of my life, the writer of my own story and the star of my reality. :)
the best love is accidental. You didn't go looking for it, it just happened...We were the victims of it. He might thinks another way . But for me , it happens once and it stays forever with in me. I am not gonna leave the love I had .. I will keep it with me ..LET TIME FLIES. .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .Let people change. Let the seasons pass. I am gonna stay at the same old place . Erasing him from my mind is super easy . But , getting him deleted from my heart is another damn story. No , I cannot do it.. For the sake of eternal love , I cannot do it.
  You know why he is really special  ? He could bring out the sweetness in me , no matter how inexpressive I was .
Perfect is not when compatible persons are together..its when you're both opposite but in that way you both "COMPLETE EACH OTHER"

understand my silence because there is a reason behind it.
The only things in life we ever regret are the chances we never took.

I love you forever and after .

Saturday, November 17, 2012

All communication problems are because we do not listen to understand.we listen to reply .What if we close all the doors of the world while keeping our hearts open to each other ? Two tedious hearts , only yours and mine ... will talk to each other in silence......
 you can never change the past nor control the future,but u can change the mood of the day by touching your "someone's" heart with your smile. Love is without demands. sometimes love means standing firm. sometimes love means letting go. and sometimes love means letting be... Happiness isn't always about getting something you don't have.. Its about recognizing and appreciating everything that u do have!! Don't force someone to remember you all the time. Just stay silent & let them realize how will they be without you in their life. There is no one busy in this world, it's always about priorities. You will always find time for the things you feel important.

One who truly loves you will never tell you that they love you...Because...They believe in making you feel their love...Rather than making you hear their love ..Let silence speak .. Close your sparkling eyes , or else I ll loose control of thinking . Distance is just a matter of thoughts ..

Though Kasun's voice is radical , it has romance , care , and thoughtfulness. . . . . . . . .Old is always gold.
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We'll do a trade. My heart , for yours...


..We meet in this lifetime by chance and we become as what we are now by choice! Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there's a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living. "SORRY works when a mistake is made, but SORRY doesn't work when trust is broken, so in life, make mistakes but never break" TRUST." Never regret in whatever you do. If it turns out good, it's wonderful. If it turns out bad, it's experience . A good relationship doesn't need any promises, terms or conditions.. It only needs two people: she who can trust and he who can be loyal..

Whenever i am with you, you make me laugh, smile,scream,shout and let me share my sorrows with you. i am grateful to have you as my soul mate.. I love you .

Remember , A picture speaks a thousand words...but with photo-shop,it tells a thousand lies...
So , "Never expect, never assume, never ask and never demand. Just let it be. Because if it's meant to be, it will happen just the way you want things to be" ..
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I never thought I could love someone as I do with you.. Every time I see you I want to tell you how much ''I Love You''

I couldn't think of a better song for the end of breaking dawn, they've fought so hard for so long to be together, I started bawling, this has ruled the last four years of my life, they inspire me, makes me believe in fairy tales and true
love, motivate me to wait for the perfect moment !!Amazing .
This song makes me cry like a baby, along with the lovely scenes from both parts of breaking dawn. I'm too embarrassed to admit this, of course, so I'll just play it on youtube every time I'm feeling down.This song represents the twilight saga so perfectly, Bella and Edward, Jacob and Renesmee, Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle, Emily and Sam, Kim and Jared, Quill and Claire. The perfect song for the perfect ending of a perfect and amazing universe.

I would find you

Time has brought Your heart to me

I have loved you for a Thousand years

I'll love you for a Thousand more

I 'd always been team jacob, and I almost hated edward's character. those final moments of breaking dawn genuinely moved me like you wouldn't believe though.I realised that bella and edward truly were meant to be together.I came out of the cinema and all I could do was sing "I have died everyday waiting for you" again and again, and cry. this song is beautiful, and so is the twilight saga. The fact that's ending makes my heart ache. I was just terrified and felt complete. Best series and one of the best movies I have ever watched. I really loved the director's work in this movie, because I felt like he was playing with our emotions, minds and feelings! Amazing!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anna Brown

Last night , I wanted to see a dream . It was about a girl . I had  mixed thoughts about her and wanted to clarify few things . I was awake till late but with him . When he comes to my mind , he blocks all my thinking ability. I cant think any other thing other than himself. So , I was chatting with him for hours and finally , he was tired and he went to bed. It was a conversation between two tedious hearts. My heart speaks to his heart and he replies and when his heart speaks to mine , I reply. We share our ideas about love , politics , movies , books and kids , Never talk about our spouses.

Later that night , I felt hungry . I walked down to find something to eat . I could not find anything and had to satisfied with a mug of black coffee. When I went to bed after it , she came to me. I saw the care and concern with in her brown eyes. Once it was grey , and once it was black and once it was green it had many colors. But the soul behind the eyes were the same . the kindness her heart carries have been the same . When I was all alone she came to see me.. She cooked meals for me and brought me my favorite wine. We used to have it with our favorite salads. I was good at making different kinds of omlettes and she loved it.  When its dark , she left me as her man wanted her to be with him every night. Life was so simple , she had kids , I had kids and but we were happily taken care of them as both of us were at the same place most of the times.

I can recall the time we were in a village , far away from London. I was at home looking after kids and she worked as a manager at a Super Market. Super market in the sense a small shop which sold vegetables , fruits . grocery items , clothes ect.  She used to buy me things I loved to have time to time . I made her the cakes as I was good t it. I made all chocolate cakes with different fillings and decorations. Her kids were fond of my cakes . Every time I made a cake for my kids , I made one for her kids too. We both did not feel any difference.

Every woman has her own identity , but we had same identities. We both love to have wine , cookies . We used to play cards in the evenings . She came to pick apples , strawberries , olives and grapes. She never asked me her share , but she took when ever she wanted.,. We made tomato sandwiches  , with slices of fresh tomatoes and freshly baked bread. I used to make puddings and salsas too . We basically sat together and talked hours. We had so many things to share . When I was expecting my kids , she was near me and comforted me with care.

We have friends . But each  one of them have different thoughts and different visions. IF you are really lucky , you will find your true friend who has a heart exactly like yours. We were like sisters. Actually she was my elder sister once.She brought me up as her kid , as our mom was died . She was the one who guided me and asked me to have faith in her. She gave me a world of love and care not only in this birth , but all previous births. Saying thank you is not my way of appreciation . I bow my head girl !! May you live long and let me be your friend in eery other birth . love you .